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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT November 29, 2018

    Out Of Challenge, Amazing Things Can Happen
    Prue Deighton, a New Zealand Irlen Screener writes, “The Irlen Method is known and recognized down here (New Zealand) at the bottom of the world. Last week I had confirmation of another $30,000 being granted to the Irlen fund for this region. This comes from two charitable trusts. That brings our total in 6 years to $248,000. With this support no applicant has needed to be turned down due to lack of funding to assist with a subsidy toward the overall costs. While I may have hated being challenged all those years ago, to "put my money where my mouth was, and raise money for the local families to help them be able to afford the Irlen process" it seems out of challenges amazing things can happen. I am thrilled to be able to help so many people.”

    The Irlen International Conference will be July 17-20, 2019 at The Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel, England. All Irlen practitioners (both Diagnosticians and Screeners!) are welcome to join us for the entire four days! July 20th will be open to the general public.
    Please stay tuned for additional details, including the conference webpage, where you'll find information about registration, hotels, etc.


    Paddy Considine Actor and Directors Talks About His Irlen Spectral Filters The ‘Informer” Actor Has Stayed Close To His RootsBy Megan C. Hills,, October 15, 2018
    Even if the name Paddy Considine isn’t one that you instantly recognize, you’ll definitely recognize this British actor’s face. The upcoming star of BBC’s Informer has been around the block and starred in everything from Peaky Blinders through to smaller cinematic roles in The Bourne Ultimatum, as well as poking his head into a number of Simon Pegg comedies including Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Considine makes a habit of not divulging much about his personal life (The Sun called him “notoriously private”), however the question remains: is Paddy Considine married? It turns out he is and his relationship with his wife, Shelley Considine, are pretty inspiring. It sounds like Shelley changed the course of his life in more than one way, as she was the one directly responsible for him discovering that he had a rare condition called Irlen Syndrome, The Independent reports. The actor has opened up in the past about his personal difficulties dealing with other people and she encouraged him to see an Asperger’s specialist. He described one of his lowest points to the newspaper, saying, “My ability to be in a room with people was getting worse. My ability to socialize, to make contact, I was basically closing down.” He was eventually diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2010 — however his condition didn’t improve. He then went to see a psychologist on Harley Street who finally gave him the correct diagnosis: Considine struggled with a severe case of Irlen Syndrome, which is a sensitivity to light that can cause a “range of distortions in the environment” according to Irlen UK. He explained to The Independent what it was like before he received the treatment he needed (Irlen Spectral Filters), “Well, I'd be looking at you now and the wall would disappear. Your face would disappear. The light off that glass would be hitting my face and all the time we're sitting here, I would feel like getting that bottle and hitting you with it.” Informer will start tonight on BBC One and air at 9 p.m., with new episodes dropping every Tuesday evening at the same time. The series will be six episodes long and will be available after airing on BBC iPlayer.

    Can A Newborn Be Light Sensitive?
    I had a call from a client who wears Irlen Spectral Filters, as does her son, regarding her newborn granddaughter. The family noticed that while the newborn was in the hospital the baby reacted differently when the florescent lights were on than when they were off. When the fluorescent lights were on she squinted, her legs were kicking, her arms were flailing, and she would not look at the person holding her. All of these behaviors disappeared when the lights were turned off. Being an Irlen family with now 3 generations with Irlen symptoms, I was asked what they should do. This is the first time that I have been asked what to do for a baby who is light sensitive. I thought I would share my comments and see if any of you have any other thoughts. Keep the baby’s room dim with the lights off and the blinds partially closed. Do not paint the walls of the room a bright color and do not use wall paper with patterns, plaids, stripes, or polka dots. It is not a problem to dress the baby in bright colors and patterns but you may want to avoid wearing bright colored tops when holding the baby. When outside have the shade of the stroller down, have the baby wear a hat outside and when in fluorescent lights such as stores and pediatrician’s office. When the baby is older she can wear baby sunglasses. If her light sensitivity is still present at 3 years of age and severely affecting her development of small motor, gross motor and/or language skills, she can be tested for Irlen Spectral Filters.
    Helen Irlen

    The Story Behind the Headlights
    So many Irlen clients report difficulty with headlights when driving at night. Luckily, Irlen Spectral Filters have been found to be useful for many when driving at night and dealing with headlights that are too bright or have starburst or halos around them. I thought you would be interested in reading the following article regarding the scientific reasons that highlights are so much brighter these days causing problems. Perhaps the most regulated part of a US car is its lighting system. Reams of federal text and diagrams spell out brightness, position, aim and more. Part of the reason is that headlights have been advancing fast, so there is a wide array of technologies on the road and there will be for some time.

    Source: Our cars use a mix of sealed beams, halogen bulbs, HID modules, LED lights and even laser emitters as their forward light source. Each one of those generates a different color, spectrum width and intensity of light. Generally, modern cars have been moving toward brighter and bluer light as that helps illuminate objects more accurately. Lens: The clear front part of a headlight may be smooth or have a dimpled pattern to shape how the light disperses. More cars today have a clear front, which can make a light seem more intense than that coming from an older car.

    Position: While those reams of regulations spell out where a headlight must be positioned, there's still some leeway. And the difference in height between two cars facing each other is something no regulation can fully anticipate. There are simply times when you'll be facing a much taller vehicle and feel like you're being interrogated. Shutter: Finally, there's the wild card that I suspect a lot of you are seeing: DIY retrofits. HID bulb kits can emit a much brighter, bluer light source than what the factory designed the headlamp assembly to work with. That can potentially overwhelm the reflectors and lens, allowing too much light to flood the road—and the retinas of oncoming drivers.

    My Disability Has Driven Me As A Person
    Donna was diagnosed at university with dyslexia, dyspraxia and severe Irlen Syndrome, a condition that affects her brain's ability to process visual. This disabled photographer has won an enterprise award, just a year after setting up her business. Donna Bridgewater, from Coventry, created Bridgewater Photography with the support of the Prince's Trust. In November 2018 Donna was diagnosed at university with dyslexia, dyspraxia and severe Irlen Syndrome, a condition that affects her brain’s ability to process visual information. She also teaches photography at Hereward College, in Coventry, which supports young people with disabilities and additional needs. Donna won a Prince's Trust enterprise award and hopes her business can develop so that she can offer work placements to young photographers with special needs.

    We Get Emails

    Hi, I'm raising my 7 year old granddaughter whose mother was tested at the Irlen Center in Long Beach several years ago. My granddaughter reverses several letters, reading is a struggle. Her teacher along with me is concerned. Unfortunately the school wants to wait because she as she is only about 6 months behind in reading. I don't like seeing her struggle and becoming more discouraged. She is still on her first 200 sight words while her peers have moved on. Today I made her flash cards on light blue index cards, with some letters written in a different color to stand out and copied her sight word list on light blue paper. She was able to read them, all of them. These are words we have been working on since early September. Just a color change was it. Her school doesn't want to test her for dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome. Does the Irlen center diagnose children with dyslexia?
    Thank you, M. Smith

    The term dyslexia means different things to different people and even the professional’s fight about the definition of dyslexia. Dyslexia is basically a reading difficulty. It used to mean word switching around and now has been redefined as a language based problem. My opinion is that there are two types of dyslexia (1) visual dyslexia which is really Irlen Syndrome and (2) language based dyslexia which requires an emphasis on teaching phonics. Your granddaughter has visual dyslexia as indicated by the fact that your granddaughter was able to read her sight words for the first time on a colored background. In addition, Irlen Syndrome can be inherited and her mother was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome.

    Other Noteworthy News

    Therapy Dog Helps Students Beloit Daily News (Wis.).
    Students in special education at a Wisconsin high school are building literacy skills by reading aloud to a dog twice a month. Since they started working with the canine, students have become more engaged and confident in their reading, teacher Beth Cox said York Daily Record (Pa.) .A Pennsylvania school district has seven service dogs working throughout its elementary and middle schools to support students with special needs. The team of Labrador retrievers helps students overcome emotional challenges, teaches them life skills and exposes them to careers in animal care.

    We have a service dog at the Irlen Institute. The kids and adults love having him in the office and in the testing room. He is very calm. He has hair not fur and does not shed. He is a great addition to the Irlen Institute.

    Some Attractions Consider Visitors' Sensory Needs
    Tourist attractions are working with nonprofit groups to better meet the sensory needs of guests with disabilities. Some businesses in Myrtle Beach, S.C., worked with a local nonprofit to learn how to respond to different behaviors that might arise from sensory sensitivity, and some stadiums are creating designated areas that allow guests to leave and re-enter. Forbes

    Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper
    Research suggests that recall of plot after using an e-reader is poorer than with traditional books. "The Kindle readers performed significantly worse on the plot reconstruction measure, ie, when they were asked to place 14 events in the correct order." The researchers suggest that "the haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does".

    Science Confirms It: People Are Not Pets – By Alfie Kohn
    Mr. Kohn is an author and lecturer who specialize in human behavior and education. Oct. 27, 2018 Research on the efficacy of rewards tells us that we can’t bribe others into doing what we want.

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    Review by Shoshana Shamberg on “Another amazing book by Helen Irlen, the genius behind the creation of Irlen Method, one of the most effective interventions for visual sensory processing disorders affecting reading, writing, attention, anxiety, visual processing, and daily functioning. A must-read for all occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychologists, and teachers.”