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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    Neuroscience Research on Irlen Syndrome at Cornell University
    December 5, 2016

    From the Desk of Professor Adam Anderson, Director of the Affect and Cognition Lab at Cornell University

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    Effects of Spectral Overlays on Reading Performance of Brazilian Elementary School Children

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    The Visual Brain
    new research could help grow awareness, legitimacy of dibilitating syndrome

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    Sports Concussion and Getting Back in the Game... of Life
    A New Book By Helen Irlen

    The book then explains how the Irlen Method can help eliminate concussion symptoms and concludes with a number of enlightening and very encouraging stories from athletes and from our military heroes who have also sustained concussions or TBI and have recovered from debilitating symptoms.
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    Irlen Alberta

    The Irlen Method helps those with visual processing deficits affecting learning and attention, also known as Irlen Syndrome. Call to find out more 403-896-0044.

    The Irlen Syndrome problem lies in how the visual information is decoded by the brain and is not the type of problem that is identified or treated by optometrists or with prescription glasses. People with Irlen Syndrome “see” the printed page differently from others and may even be unaware of this. This can lead to slow and inefficient reading, poor comprehension, fatigue, and limited attention span.

    Many people with Irlen Syndrome report that the text on the page appears to change and may even experience fatigue, tiredness, headaches, sore eyes or other symptoms of strain, all of which make reading difficult.

    Irlen Distortions Video - If you've ever wondered what it's like to read for someone with Irlen Syndrome, watch this video to find out.
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    Helen Irlen – Your Glass Is Always Full Through Irlen Lenses


    Irlen Syndrome Simulations

    Want to know why Irlen Syndrome causes physical symptoms? Watch this simulation.

    Awareness Week PowerPoint Presentation For Kids

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    Irlen Clings™

    First there was the digital Irlen Overlay app for androids. Now we're thrilled to announce the release of Irlen Clings™ - colored overlays for electronic devices, including computer screens, eReaders, iPhone, and iPad!

    Our new Irlen Clings™ are available in our 4 most popular overlay colors (blue-gray, turquoise, aqua, and purple). Place multiple Clings side-by-side for large computer screens or trim your Cling to fit your iPhone or iPad. Irlen Clings have an optical-grade clear adhesive that is removable and reusable and won't leave any residue on your screen. Irlen Clings™ are available to the general public at the Irlen Store:

    The Irlen Clings™ are available to Irlen Directors and Diagnosticians at the special discounted fee of US$4.80 each + s/h when ordering direct from the Irlen Institute.

    Benefits of the Irlen Method

    The Irlen Method can improve:

  • Reading and learning problems
  • Dyslexia
  • ADD/HD, Autism and Asperger Syndrome
  • Behavioral and emotional problems
  • Headaches, migraines, fatigue and other physical symptoms
  • Light Sensitivity/Photophobia
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), whip lash, and concussions
  • Certain medical and visual conditions.
  • The Irlen Method has been featured in major national and international media including, 60 Minutes, National Geographic, ABC World News, Good Morning America, NBC News, the BBC, and other networks in Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, South Korea and New Zealand. The Irlen Method has also been acclaimed in professional journals and textbooks.

    The Irlen Method for testing and assessment is available in Central and Southern Alberta and in Cranbrook British Columbia.
    Call 403-896-0044 for an appointment or for more information.

    Is the Irlen Syndrome Common?

    Incidence studies have shown and indicate that 46% of the population identified with reading problems such as; attention deficit disorder, dyslexia or other learning difficulties suffer from Irlen Syndrome. Those affected perceive distortions on the page being read. Science now confirms that Irlen Syndrome is caused by an over-excitation of neurons in the brain, which in turn is provoked by some light frequencies that light-sensitive persons cannot process effectively. In some cases the Irlen Method can help to reverse symptoms and correct reading problems.

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