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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT February 27, 2018

    Cornell University Case Studies Reveal Calm Brains With Irlen Spectral Filters

     Brain activity goes from overactive (A) to normalized (B) when wearing Irlen Spectral Filters.
    Cornell University neuroscientists, Dr. Adam Anderson and Dr. Eve De Rosa, continue their ongoing investigations into Irlen Syndrome and Irlen Spectral Filters. Their recent case studies revealed a clear pattern of brain overactivity in individuals who suffer from Irlen Syndrome. The visual centers of the brain were particularly affected in these individuals, but other areas of the brain were also often affected - particularly when the person experienced significant physical symptoms, such as headaches and migraines. In all cases, the overactivity in the Irlen brain completely resolved when the individual wore his/her precision-tinted Irlen Spectral Filters. This normalization of brain activity corresponded directly with the elimination of symptoms the individual had been experiencing. The researchers continue to gather data on Irlen clients and are looking forward to compiling the first large-scale brain imaging study on Irlen Syndrome.

    Irlen Egypt Wins "Inspire Egypt Award"
    Congratulations to Rasha Anwar, Irlen Egypt Director, for winning the Inspire Egypt Award! This amazing honor and recognition of Irlen Syndrome by the British Embassy in Cairo will continue to advance awareness of Irlen Syndrome and access to Irlen solutions in Egypt. Rasha had a booth to introduce Irlen Syndrome & Method to the British Ambassador and attendants. Through "Inspire Egypt", the British Embassy runs a series of events and activities in which Rasha aims to participate again. Pictures are of Rasha’s Irlen Booth and talking with an ambassador at the conference.

    Rasha also recently conducted a live interview with BBC Arabic internet & broadcasting radio. The interview went very well and included phone participation from three Irlen clients; one from Egypt, one from Tunisia, and the third one from Lebanon. The air time for the radio interview was extended from 20 minutes to 35 minutes. The following BBC link includes pictures of Rasha and the clients interviewed: SEE PICTURES

    Common Ground For Common Good: Irlen Ambassadors Charitable Fund
    Irlen Ambassador, Jennifer Owen, continues to spread awareness of Irlen Syndrome in the United Kingdom. Jennifer writes that she has been invited to give an Irlen Presentation for the Mayor and council where she lives. She has talked to the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Children Community Champion and Children services. Always aiming to raise awareness, Jennifer speaks to as many children and adults as she can about visual processing deficits and how they can be eliminated. She has presented to the young people and staff of a youth club called Georgetown Boys and Girls Club, and she continues to write her blog. Jennifer writes, “I really love to promote Irlen Syndrome in any way I can.” The Irlen Institute is proud of Jennifer for all that she is doing to help those who struggle with reading, learning, and attention problem by letting them know that they are not alone and that there is a solution.

    We Get Emails: Share your own story at

    "I am so grateful for your work. My daughter is capable now (with her Irlen Spectral Filters) of being really happy, and this is priceless. May your work be spread around the world to help more people. God bless you." Javete

    "Thank you, My Irlen Filters has helped me in every aspect of my life. I am so grateful." J Olivia C.

    "I have just had a psychological assessment and have found out I have this syndrome as well as having dyslexia. Is there any way of trying to get something that stops me feeling so tired and drained? But also fatigue, headaches, migraines spelling reading. I have been going to the doctors for the past couple of years about headaches, migraines and also tiredness. Thanks, Emily"

    Helen: Run, do not walk, to your nearest Irlen Diagnostician. All the problems that you mentioned are what we deal with all the time and successfully! Headaches, migraines, and fatigue indicate that your brain is dealing with extreme stress from a toxic environment of lighting, computers, iPads, iPhones, reading and other visual activities. You need to protect your brain and your health with Irlen Spectral Filters.

    "My name is Whitney Madden and I have been an Acupuncturist for 17 years. My daughter, Hailey, was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome last year, when she was 16 years old. I had never heard of it, but upon the recommendation by the Amen Clinic in Atlanta, we pursued screening and diagnosis. It was found she had severe Irlen with reading distortions, some depth perception issues, and unknown to me, as her mother, daily continual headaches. Because the headaches never subsided, she was never able to describe to me that she had a headache all the time. The way her head felt was how it felt all the time. It was not until she wore her specifically chosen Irlen glasses that she could describe to me that she no longer had a headache. In 17 years of caring for my daughter 24/7, she never once complained of her head hurting.

    These are examples of the extreme change for the positive in our daughter. She was not fatigued in school, she was able to pay attention, she understood what the teacher was saying and what the homework was. Homework went from taking 4-5 hours per day to 1-2 hours with more efficiency and better grades (She now has a 3.7 GPA whereas before we were praying she would pass high school with D’s and C’s). To say there was a change in our daughter doesn’t even cover it. What the Irlen screening and diagnostics have given us is irreplaceable." –Whitney Madden

    "There are WAY too many people that have suffered, continue to suffer, and do not realize they do not need to suffer because there is help. One mother looked up when one of the charts were covered by a transparency and said, “The words STUCK to the page.” I didn’t understand at first, but after speaking with this successful woman who struggled every day with ADD and Irlen (but was never diagnosed or treated), that she had found an answer she didn’t know existed. She didn’t have to literally chase letters across the page that was moving. I could tell you many stories of high schoolers fatigued and no other symptoms and doctors wanting to prescribe anti-depressants when all they needed was Irlen diagnosis and treatment." Irlen Screener

    "I am an Irlen Screener. The two days of Irlen Screener training opened my eyes and my world as a teacher. A whole new layer was peeled away and my understanding enlightened. After the Irlen Training, I returned to my school district with a list of students that I had the years before that I now recognized had the symptoms of Irlen. I sent home Consents and did Irlen Screening for over twenty five students whose lives were changed for the better. Some cases were severe and many had drastic changes eliminating their distortions and improving their reading, recall, grades and self-esteem. Fluency levels increased and reading levels advanced from two to three levels higher.

    A third grader talked to the principal saying, "I can read now, and things don't move on the page anymore!!!" The principal was speechless, never realizing the impact of Irlen's touch until the third grader shared his story.

    There were those who spoke against the science of Irlen Syndrome and called my Irlen Screening was called a farce. Some of them tried to sow discord, but a need was being met and the results spoke for themselves. Over thirty students now use Overlays, and twelve students have been submitted for Irlen Screening upon my return from the holidays.

    Irlen Syndrome is another barrier that can prevent even an empowering and liberating curriculum like Reading Mastery from being an effective tool in the lives of students, public schools and communities.

    Thank you for your dedication and commitment!" ----Texas Irlen Screener

    "I had Irlen lenses about 20 years ago when I lived in Georgia. Then I stopped using them and ended up using drugs for ADHD instead. It's been about 8 years since using those drugs, and my symptoms are worse.It is time to look at getting an appointment to have my color checked and new Irlen lenses. I would like to set up an appointment and get re-examined." Stephen

    Helen: Yes, it is way past time to be re-examined. ADHD drugs are not a solution for visual processing deficits. Going without addressing this issue only increases your physical symptoms and difficulties, especially if you are working, reading, on the computer, or in fluorescent lights. Be kind to yourself, protect your health and well-being, and have the best brain possible with Irlen Spectral Filters.

    Spreading the Word of Irlen In the Middle East
    Mona Kazim, Irlen Director in the UAE, Dubai, continues to find ways of spreading the word and educating the public. She has been interviewed Kuwait TV and soon on Abu Dhabi TV.

    The Irlen Parent Connection, a New Facebook Group for Irlen Parents Everywhere
    The newest Irlen support group on Facebook is the Irlen Parent Connection. Started by parent, Janelle Martin, this group is a warm and welcoming place for parents of children with Irlen Syndrome to connect and support each other. JOIN NOW

    Other Noteworthy News

    Students Thrive Socially In Best Buddies Club
    A Georgia high school's Best Buddies club has expanded social inclusion for students with special needs. The club has more than 100 members and meets periodically for social events, such as a fundraising concert that members of the club organized to pay for its activities. The Macon Telegraph (Ga.) (1/9)

    CDC Reports Increased Prescribing Of ADHD Drugs For Young Women
    CDC researchers found that the percentage of US women ages 15 to 44 who received prescriptions for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder drugs rose by 344% between 2003 and 2015, with the highest increase -- 700% -- among those ages 25 to 29. The findings in the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report also showed that the greatest increases occurred in Southern and Western states, and Adderall, Vyvanse and Ritalin were the most commonly prescribed medications. The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) , USA Today Medscape (free registration)

    2 Schools Use Therapy Dogs with Students
    Two New Jersey schools are piloting the use of a therapy dog in their applied behavior analysis program for students with special needs. Student goals will vary but could include socially interacting with the dog and its caretaker or using the animal to stay calm and focus. (New Providence, N.J.) (1/21)

    N.Y. Student Uses Knitting As Focusing Aid
    New York high-school student Aspen Poole -- who is blind and has autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder -- knits during class to stay calm and focused. She puts down her craft when she needs her hands for schoolwork, but, otherwise, she knits prolifically and donates her work to local charities. Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, N.Y.) (tiered subscription model) (1/8)

    La. Charts New Course on Student Retention
    Research shows that students who are retained in earlier grades may be at higher risk of dropping out of school. Education leaders in Louisiana are working to reverse this trend by offering more support instead of retaining students who fail standardized tests. The Hechinger Report (1/8)

    Keep Your Brain Healthy
    Playing games and doing fun activities can provide some of life’s most enjoyable and memorable moments. Having fun is not just for children and is a healthy part of life. In fact, many studies have shown that remaining lighthearted can have significant benefits on your physical and mental wellbeing. Playfulness in adults has been associated with heightened observation skills, increased creativity and better ability to interpret and adjust to new situations. Additionally, being fun-loving can have positive effects on a person’s career and relationships. No matter your age, income, IQ, or education, there are ways to stimulate your neurons so that your brain can stay young. Here are four tips for keeping your brain pliable and playful: Stay curious about life and learning. Take courses or read about subjects you enjoy. Being a lifelong learner will allow you to stay young at heart and in your brain. New Hobbies: The most effective mental exercises involve acquiring new knowledge and doing things you’ve never done before. Devote just 15 minutes a day to a new hobby (like painting or playing a musical instrument), activity (rock climbing or dancing), or subject matter (learning a new language). Einstein once said that people who spend 15 minutes a day learning something new will become an expert within a year. Make It Fun: Many children have better follow through with educational or clean-up tasks when those activities are presented as a race, obstacle course, or other fun game. The same strategy can be applied to the busy and stressful lives of adults. Be intentional at building fun into your daily routine. Play Brain Games: When considering brain games, people often think of crossword puzzles and word games like Scrabble or Boggle. While those are great forms of mental exercise that work the language centers of the brain, other areas—like memory, concentration, visual-spatial acuity, reaction, and coordination—need to be exercised too.

    Neonatal Vitamin-D Deficiency tied to increased ASD risk in childhood
    Chinese researchers found that infants in the lowest quartile of vitamin D levels at birth were 260% more likely to develop autism spectrum disorders by age 3, while those in the second and third quartiles had a 150% and 90% increased ASD risk, respectively, compared with those in the highest quartile. The findings in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research were based on data involving 27,940 Chinese newborns. Business Standard (India) (tiered subscription model)/Asian News International

    Study Considers Potential Downside To a High IQ
    There may be a downside for people with a higher IQ, according to a recent study that shows such people have higher rates of mood disorders, environmental allergies and anxiety, compared with the national average. Pitzer College researcher Ruth Karpinski and her colleagues considered survey results from 3,715 members of Mensa, a "high IQ society. Scientific American online (12/5)

    S.C. Schools Test Robot For Students With Autism
    Seventeen schools in South Carolina are participating in a three-year pilot program that seeks to study the effectiveness of robots in teaching students with autism. The robot used in the study is designed to offer social, emotional and behavioral lessons. The Item (Sumter, S.C.)

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