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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT February 29, 2016

    The Irlen Syndrome Infographic Poster
    Help Raise Awareness By Hanging One in Your Classroom or Office

    You may have already seen the Irlen Syndrome Infographic that was circulated online during Irlen Awareness Week by the Irlen Syndrome Foundation. If you missed it, you can check it out at We loved this amazing visual display of key Irlen information so much, that we formatted it to fit on a 16x24 inch poster, so it can hang in every office and classroom, and we're going to donate all the proceeds from the purchase of this poster directly to the Irlen Syndrome Foundation to help support their scholarship programs, research initiatives, and outreach efforts! Posters are available for $5 (plus shipping) from the Irlen Institute or from the Irlen Online Store. Get yours today and help spread the word! BUY NOW

    Emma Johnson: Irlen Youth Ambassador Wins 2nd Place
    Emma Johnson (12 years old) is in 7th grade and had the opportunity to enter the science fair. Emma's hypothesis: If students who are exposed to fluorescent lighting read passages using colored overlays, then they will have a higher fluency rate. Her method was to survey 25 children, 6 to 8th grade students, in her school and identify students who were sensitive to light. She continued to test those students who were sensitive to fluorescent lighting by giving them a black and white reading fluency passage that was correlated to their grade level. The students read the passage for one minute, and their fluency rate was scored. If students had difficulty with reading according to their fluency rate, then Emma asked the students if they felt comfortable viewing the passage with either the green, peach, or blue overlay. Using the student's chosen overlay, the reading test was administered again having the student read the next paragraph of the passage for one minute with the fluency rate being scored.

    Based on analysis of the data, it can be concluded that the majority of the students who were exposed to fluorescent lighting and read passages using colored overlays had a higher fluency rate. However since there were some students who had a decrease in words per minute with the use of colored overlays, Emma realized that the possible decrease in fluency rate with students using the color overlays was because she did not have the appropriate color and/or color combination for them to use since only three colors were made available. She is excited about this finding as it has made her want to continue the study for next year and help those students find the right color overlay to increase their fluency rate.

    With Emma's research and utilization of the Irlen Method to conduct the study, she was honored with 2nd place at the science fair and now will be advancing to the regional fair, The Science Engineering Fair of Houston, on February 27, 2016. Shown is a picture of Emma and her science fair project. Note that Emma is wearing her Irlen Spectral Filters.

    Although earning second place was an absolute joy, it was the opportunity to share her research with parents and judges that made her jump up and down in excitement as she stated, "I was able to tell them about the Irlen Method because they never heard about it before and they were really interested in it!" (Ironically, one of the judges Emma spoke to was the school district area superintendent, although she didn’t know this at the time.)

    The Ahliyyah School for Girls in Amman, Jordan
    The staff at the Ahliyyah School for Girls wanted to share with the Irlen family pictures of the various activities that they conducted for Irlen Awareness Week in 2015. This information is late, but raising awareness has no limits! They have had to wait for approval from the school to share their IAW activities and pictures.

    • During the morning assemblies at school, they conducted various presentations for the different grade levels to raise Irlen awareness for all grade levels. This took more than two weeks as each grade level has their morning assembly on a different day.
    • All screeners wore T-shirts saying: "Ask Me About Irlen Syndrome."
    • Rana Shaban, Irlen Diagnostician and Head of the Elementary School and Al Kashef Center, gave a workshop in November at The Hague, Holland. She talked about the school's experience in applying inclusion and the services of Al-Kashef Center, one of which is screening and diagnostic testing for Irlen Syndrome.
    • Taline Najjar, Irlen Diagnostician, conducted a workshop for all parents.

    “Irlen awareness week was a great success!! It was like recharging the batteries. We had many students who asked to be screened.”

    11 Year Old Boy With Autism Experiences A Whole New World With Irlen Spectral Filters
    Julie Yaxley, Irlen Diagnostician in Houston, Texas, has shared the following. “It is really amazing how Irlen Filters can change the whole life experience of a client. The color, worn as tinted glasses, normalizes the brain; and it can be a very subtle color depending on which part of the light spectrum is causing visual overload. In December, Oscar, a boy with autism, was tested for Irlen Spectral Filters. During the process, the mom became more and more aware of how the tints were changing his behavior and how he had been misperceiving the world.

    When Mrs. Enciso and her son, Oscar, first arrived, he leant against her as they walked down the corridor as he had difficulty with depth perception and needed to feel where she was. With his tints, he was able to walk confidently in front of his mom. When asked, he was able to walk up and down the stairs in his tints. His mother said that at home he would have to crawl up and down as he needed to feel the stairs to know where they were.

    With his Irlen Spectral Filters, the words stopped moving when reading. He could open his eyes comfortably, even under bright fluorescent lights. Outside, his eyes were relaxed in the sun; and with the tints on, he could reach out and touch a small leaf without hesitation. Without them, he fumbled for it as he couldn’t judge where it was. His mother said that she had never realized before that her son never had his eyes fully open; she only saw him do this with his Irlen Spectral Filters. Mrs. Enciso was so excited about all these changes. "It’s so amazing how much change you see, it gives me goosebumps!!!”

    Now Available in Paperback! Sports Concussions and Getting Back in the Game...of Life
    By Helen Irlen

    Helen Irlen's latest book about concussions and Irlen Syndrome is now available in hard copy from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Europe, and very soon from the Irlen Store!
    Finally, someone who recognizes you can't just "shake it off" and continue in life, in school, or at work as if nothing's happened! In this revolutionary new eBook by Helen Irlen, there isn't just an acknowledgement of the lasting effects that concussion can have on behavior and academic performance, but also a solution to directly address and correct lingering physical symptoms of headaches and light sensitivity, as well as reading difficulties and other academic challenges. Full of new information and practical solutions, "Sports Concussions and Getting Back in the Game of Life" is a must-read for educators, coaches, and any individual who has suffered a concussion or head injury.

    Irlen Clings(TM) Now Available in 7 Colors
    Irlen Clings (TM) are now available in an expanded array of colors: blue-grey, turquoise, aqua, purple, green, rose, and yellow. Place multiple Clings side-by-side for large computer screens, or trim your Cling to fit your iPhone or iPad. Irlen Clings have an optical-grade clear adhesive that is removable and reusable and won't leave any residue on your screen. Irlen Clings(TM) are only available from the

    Other Noteworthy News

    Obesity, Diabetes in Mothers May Raise Children’s Autism Risk
    A study in Pediatrics showed women who had diabetes and obesity had an almost fourfold increased likelihood of having babies with autism spectrum disorder if the diabetes was diagnosed during pregnancy and an almost fivefold increased risk if the disease was present before they conceived, compared with those without either condition. Researchers followed 2.734 mother-child pairs between 1998 and 2014 and found maternal obesity was tied to a 92% increased autism risk on its own. Reuters (1/29)

    Nonadherence to ADHD Meds: Red Flag for Illicit Drug Use?
    Urine screens of patients prescribed medications for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show that nonadherence is common, and those who do not adhere to their regimens show increased rates of illicit drug use compared with their compliant counterparts, new research indicates. "Patient adherence is often assessed with methods such as refill records or patient self-reports, but these findings reflect objective data showing that in 32.9% of patients who are prescribed with a diagnosis of ADHD, the medication was not found." The research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders, involved urine samples of 4094 patients prescribed an amphetamine or methylphenidate medication for ADHD that were submitted to the Ameritox laboratory between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015. READ MORE

    The Marshmallow Test & Kids With ADHD
    “While I’m gone, if you can wait for me to come back, then you get two marshmallows.” The Marshmallow Test can’t predict a child’s future, but it reveals specific strategies kids can use to help them wait. Learn to foster self-control

    Scientist Citing HPV Vaccine Concerns
    Dr. Lee’s research shows that there is at least one known mechanism of action explaining why serious adverse reactions occur more often in people injected with HPV vaccines than other vaccines, and why certain predisposed individuals may suffer a sudden unexplained death as a result. It appears this is part of the information the ‘experts’ deemed necessary to suppress. Read Dr. Lee’s submittal to Dr. Chan HERE.

    USPSTF Finds Little Clear Evidence on Early Autism Screenings
    The US Preventive Services Task Force found insufficient evidence to recommend for or against early screening for autism spectrum disorder, according to final recommendations published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers found no evidence of improvement in autism-related issues in children ages 3 and younger, and there were inconsistent data on the effects of various interventions. United Press International (2/16), Kaiser Health News (2/16)

    Kindergarten Today: Less Play, More Academics
    Researchers compared the experiences of kindergarten teachers in 1998 and 2010, and found dramatic differences in their expectations for students and how they structured their classrooms. Researchers at the University of Virginia compared the views and experiences of kindergarten teachers in 1998 with those of their counterparts in 2010, and found dramatic differences in what teachers now expect of pupils and how they have structured their classrooms. Generally, teachers now expect children to come in knowing much more, spend more of the day in literacy and math instruction, and devote less time to nonacademic subjects such as music and art. Some excerpts from the findings. Read more.

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    Get The Irlen Revolution

    Review by Shoshana Shamberg on “Another amazing book by Helen Irlen, the genius behind the creation of Irlen Method, one of the most effective interventions for visual sensory processing disorders affecting reading, writing, attention, anxiety, visual processing, and daily functioning. A must-read for all occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychologists, and teachers.”