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    If you've ever wondered what it's like to read for someone with Irlen Syndrome, watch this video to find out.
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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT April 17, 2013

    The Autistic Child – More than Meets the Eye
    Read about how perceptual processing difficulties can impact children with autism in the March issue of Brain Blogger. Conservative estimates suggest that as many as 33% of individuals with ASD have brains that do not correctly process the visual information they receive, and this article by Sandra Tosta, PhD, discusses how color can help.

    New Zealand Empowered Learning Trust
    During 2012, the New Zealand Empowered Learning Trust began screening all students year 5 and older for Irlen Syndrome and other difficulties. Approximately 32% of the total students screened, in the cluster aged between year 5 and year 13, were referred to the Irlen Diagnostician. In 2013, they are continuing to screen all students entering year 4 (see attachment).

    Presentation in Buffalo, New York, at the Hearing and Speech's 2013 Continuing Clinical Competency Series
    Melissa Sawulak, Literacy Specialist Gateway-Longview, Certified Irlen Screener, presented for the Buffalo Hearing and Speech's 2013 Continuing Clinical Competency Series. She presented on Irlen Syndrome on March 13 to an audience of 120 people, and only one had ever heard of Irlen Syndrome (she was from California)! The response was wonderful. The majority of the Occupational Therapists and other service providers went back to their respective schools to share the information, and she has had many emails about doing more workshops. Congratulations Melissa for educating many professionals about Irlen Syndrome!

    Increased Traffic To Irlen Website
    There was a significant increase in people vising the Irlen website. We need to thank Jeri LaVigne, Irlen Diagnostician and Education Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia, for an increase in website traffic. Jeri was the guest on the online radio show Voice of America and did a great job. If you want to hear the interview with Jeri LaVigne, visit the following link to the show:

    Irlen Advocate
    Doris Ang Ph.D., Clinical Director/Irlen Diagnostician, sent a story about a boy diagnosed with chronic Irlen Syndrome. He used to complain about ants crawling on the page. He was so disturbed by it that he used to spray insecticide on the page. After receiving Irlen treatment, he could read with no problem as he now does not see any "ants" crawling anymore. He is able to copy from the white board, and his grades have shown big improvement. His mother wrote to the Ministry of Education hoping to bring Irlen Syndrome to their attention.

    Canadian Association of Irlen Professionals
    Good News! Jacques Guimond, Irlen Diagnostician, is pleased to announce that Industry Canada has just approved the incorporation of the Canadian Association of Irlen Professionals! This allows for the ability to speak with one voice to insurance companies, government, other professionals, etc; and the ability to get interesting benefits such as in-service training (typically online), business insurance packages, etc., and the ability to share the load when it comes to publicity and marketing.

    Thank You!
    “Even though we have never met, I would like to thank you for your wonderful work! My son (currently 11 yrs old) has always struggled with reading. The school he went to had limited resources but would try to help with his fluency, comprehension, and his skipping/changing words. It was so frustrating for our son because he began to get labeled, then eventually put in a room with other children who were struggling - but it just seemed wrong! He was smart, and something just wasn't being figured out! Then came all of the testing..... agh! They determined he had ADD and processing issues. I refused to put him on medication, much to the schools dislike. We could see that we were losing our son - his self-esteem was down and he wasn't the fun outgoing child we've always had! So my husband and I decided we had enough and we were pulling him out of school and WE were going to help our son. For his ADD, we began biofeedback. We could see strides in it. However, his reading still suffered even though he was getting one-on-one attention from me - and doing all the programs the school would have done for him had he stayed in school! Then I got online and goggled his symptoms. Instantly, there was a name to what was going on. The description was ridiculously our child!!! Bette Swett-Thibeault's name came up as our closest screener. She took 2.5 hrs with our son; and when she got the right color combination, it was like a light switch was turned on in! I just wanted to let you know we appreciate your work and THANK YOU for helping our son!”
    D. Hersey

    "Overtesting" Called Source Of Standardized-Test Backlash
    If executed correctly, standardized testing is the most effective -- and least costly -- way to gauge whether students are learning, said Sandy Kress, a Texas lawyer who helped write No Child Left Behind and now lobbies for education publisher Pearson. However, he said, some districts are doing too much, with drills and benchmark testing every six weeks. He said such "overtesting" has sparked a growing "opt out" movement, in which parents are choosing to opt students out of standardized tests and some teachers are boycotting the exams. The Washington Post (4/14)

    Colourful wishes,
    Helen L. Irlen, MA, LMFT
    Executive Director Irlen Institute International HQ
    PPS Credentialed School Psychologist
    Educational Therapist
    Adult Learning Disability Specialist
    Board Certified Professional Counselor
    Licensed Therapist