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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT March 2, 2015

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    Don't miss this opportunity to meet Helen Irlen and network with other Irlen Diagnosticians and Screeners! The conference is open to all Irlen Screeners and PASS Screeners from July 10-12, and is open to members of the general public July 11-12. Hear from leaders in the field and get connected. For information about registration, please click here.

    Mississippi Governor, First Lady Led Exceptional Parade in Biloxi
    Governor Phil Bryant, and Mississippi’s First Lady, Deborah Bryant, joined Helen Irlen of the Irlen Institute for the MS Council for Exceptional Children (MS-CEC) Mardi Gras Parade on Wednesday, February 4, at 5 p.m. in Biloxi. The parade was led in true Mardi Gras fashion with Special Grand Marshal Helen Irlen and King and Queen Gov. and Mrs. Bryant. The cause has special meaning to Gov. Bryant who has shared on numerous occasions that he grew up with a reading disorder he called dyslexia. He has, within the last year, been identified as having Irlen Syndrome. First Lady Deborah Bryant has made Irlen awareness one of her top priorities as she goes around the state reading to children. She has visited approximately 100 schools and speaks to teachers and administrators about reading disorders and especially Irlen Syndrome. Gov. and Mrs. Bryant, meantime, have also seen that identifying troubled readers is a key component of early intervention with the implementation of the Third Grade Reading Gate legislation, where those third graders not reading at or above grade level will be retained, beginning in May of this school year. The Governor’s willingness to share his reading difficulties and recently diagnosed condition is very helpful in getting awareness to Mississippians, both children and adults, who may suffer and deal with reading problems due to Irlen Syndrome. Helen Irlen also was the keynote at the conference’s opening breakfast session. The conference agenda also included Dr. Carey Wright, State Superintendent of Education, as the lunch keynote speaker.

    Mississippi Senator Has Introduced an Irlen Syndrome Bill "Parading into a Brighter Future for Exceptional Children"
    HB 644: A bill requiring screening for and districts to provide reasonable accommodation for students diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome. You can read the bill here: The bill did not make it out of the House this year, which is not unusual, but will be reintroduced.

    New Irlen Diagnosticians
    In February, Jeannie Dunn, EdD, and Mona Kazim spent two weeks at the Irlen Institute training to become Diagnosticians. Jeannie will be opening a clinic in Grand Junction, Colorado; and her expertise in education as a teacher and principal will be invaluable to her clients. Mona traveled from the UAE to be trained. She will be educating and creating awareness for Irlen in Dubai. Jeannie and Mona took a break from training to have dinner with Helen at her home.

    Perceptions Problems: Relief Comes in Colored Lenses
    Oroville Mercury Register A Chico family who benefits from wearing Irlen lenses are (left to right) Liz Barker and her children, Julia Barker, 12 and Sean Barker, 15. The tinted lenses — different colors for everyone — bring relief from Irlen Syndrome. (Mary Nugent - Enterprise-Record) READ MORE

    Screening For Irlen Syndrome In Prison
    Marian Smith, teacher at Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee, Michigan, is also an Irlen Screener. She was so touched by the reaction of two men she screened that she wrote to share her experience. “I just tested 6 more guys at my facility. Two were quite remarkable. One was not even able to look at the white testing page for any of the tests. The more white on the page, the worse it hurt. He ended up with 3 gray overlays. Once he had these, he was able to do all of the tasks without hesitation. He has spoken to his mother and asked her to check on getting him tested for lenses. They agreed that after his 18 month flop, if he is still denied parole, she will see what she can do about getting this to take place. If he is given a parole, she will make an appointment with you as soon as she can. The second has been in special ed all his life. He’s in his early 40’s and claimed he could only understand something in print if it was read to him. After finding his colors, I had him do some work from the Spache reading material. Without the overlays, he struggled greatly at the 2C level. With the overlays, he hesitated ever so slightly at just a few words at the 5B level. We didn’t have time to have him go any further. At this point in time, he told me with tears in his eyes that he understood everything he had read. He said that this was the first time he had ever been able to do this by himself.”

    Update Of Irlen Awareness Efforts In Egypt
    Rasha Anwar, Irlen Screener in Egypt, writes regarding her continuing efforts to raise awareness about Irlen Syndrome in Egypt, especially among language educators.

    In 26 - 27 January, Rasha attended the Nile TESOL Conference for networking with the huge English teaching community in Egypt. Conference attendance was around 1,000 individuals. Teaching reading was a main focus of many sessions. She attended the conference with the intention of opening an important entry for Irlen into the English language teaching community as a whole and networking with professionals, whether university professors or school teachers. Her aim has been to introduce the concept of the Irlen Syndrome and how it could hinder the reading ability of students, how to identify it, and how to treat it. She reports that she achieved this on a personal interaction level with conference attendees.

    Rasha presented a working paper entitled "The Positive Effect of Irlen Method on Learning Arabic Language" at the Third International Conference of Successful Initiatives and Creative Applications in the field of Teaching Arabic Language. Attendance will be from official academic and NGO bodies in Egypt and some Arab and African countries. Her presentation is aimed at drawing the attention of Arabic language educators that there could be a hidden problem hindering the learning ability of students. That problem should be identified and treated with the colored technique invented by Helen Irlen.

    Her paper addresses how distorted perception could badly affect seeing and reading the Arabic alphabet, which include many similarities with English, and how it can affect the connection of letters as some of them should never be connected to the letters after them. Another big challenge in Arabic for students with Irlen Syndrome is that the short vowels are not written, but signs are used on letters to indicate those short vowels. Those signs, if not well seen, would disable the student's reading ability.

    In her recommendations, Rasha Anwar emphasized the need for a nationwide plan for raising awareness, identification, and treatment of Irlen Syndrome for all students, especially in elementary grades. “I called for cooperation and coordination among all relevant bodies in the community for that purpose. I seek also the attention of academic researchers to examine the effectiveness of the Irlen Method in improving the Arabic language reading ability in order to have new scientific evidence.” Such evidence will be of great help in spreading the idea locally on one hand and provide further proof of its viability worldwide on the other hand.

    Currently, Rasha has been invited to do a T.V. program presented in English on the Nile International Channel, and she has been asked to write a newspaper article explaining the Irlen Syndrome and Method. It was a psychiatrist and university professor who initiated the opportunity to write the newspaper article.
    Click Here to take a video tour of the Irlen Egypt offices

    Other Noteworthy News
    Research: BPA Alternative Disrupts Normal Brain-Cell Growth, is Tied to Hyperactivity
    In a groundbreaking study, researchers have shown why a chemical once thought to be a safe alternative to bisphenol-A, which was abandoned by manufacturers of baby bottles and sippy cups after a public outcry, might itself be more harmful than BPA. University of Calgary scientists say they think their research is the first to show that bisphenol-S, an ingredient in many products bearing “BPA-free” labels, causes abnormal growth surges of neurons in an animal embryo. READ MORE

    Study Links Energy Drinks to Risk of Hyperactivity, Inattention
    A Yale University study of middle-school students found those who drank energy drinks were at a higher risk of developing symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention than those who did not consume them. The findings support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that children avoid energy drinks, researchers said. HealthDay News (2/9)

    The Magic of Gardens
    Among the many benefits of gardens and plant care, children develop calmness and emotional regulation. In addition, the caring for garden plants encourages children to acquire knowledge about plants and develop skills to start and maintain plant life. Amy Wagenfeld, a professor of Occupational Therapy (and author of an upcoming book titled Therapeutic Gardens: Design for Healing Spaces) touts the garden's ability to "systematically and sensitively nourish the five basic senses." In addition, the gardens provide vestibular, proprioceptive, and kinesthetic input.

    Helen Irlen’s Interview on the Fat to Fit My Quest Podcast
    How Brain Fitness Leads to Body Fitness
    How many of you eat when you are stressed? Would you like to be less stressed and eat less? Did you know that your environment can be causing your stress? We live in a high tech world where we are under fluorescent lights, using computers, I Pads, I Phones, laptops, reading, and doing other visual activities. You may not realize that these and other aspects of your environment can be causing you to eat more. Learn about the Irlen Method and Irlen Spectral Filters, which can calm your brain and reduce environmental stress, thus improving your health, well being, and performance — All these benefits while helping you lose weight. Knowledge is power, and knowing how light affects your brain is the key to unlocking your full potential. Irlen Spectral Filters can allow you to function optimally and revolutionize your life.

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    Thought for the Day
    Steph Sanders, Irlen sufferer and trainee teacher, shares how life has changed since getting her Irlen Spectral Filters. "Before lenses- My eyes would hurt, this would severely impact my ability to use a smart board or when light and artificial light was in the class room. Obviously greatly impacting my comfort during teaching and facial expressions as my eyes started to hurt. I would be very tired and very unmotivated to do a lot of things due to eye tiredness and just lack of thought space to process what needs to be done. Teaching is a demanding job and obviously things were done however doing them whilst tired caused stress and panic and general low mood. Day 1 after wearing the lenses. - my tints are blue and darkish see photo I walked to school on a bright sunny day, I went into a very well lit school and had comments on my glasses, people said they looked really nice and were snazzy, no one looked at me oddly due to the tints and when the kids came in they too were not put off. One child said " you look different, it's good different, kind of like a superhero"

    Which was lovely to hear as eye contact is a big part of the job. Over the course of the day and using various screens and reading things my eyes did not hurt, tire nor did I feel the urge to fall asleep due to tiredness where my eyes physically close. I am now currently doing extra reading which is fantastic and I have lots of enthusiasm and Most importantly they make me feel so much better and now I can do things with the energy and motivation that they deserve.

    At one point today I took the glasses off to scratch my eye and was overwhelmed by the brightness and discomfort it was like someone shining a torch in my face. I hope this helps anyone who is unsure about what it is and where to go to. It's changed my world and it is needed."