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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT March 6, 2013

    Many Children With Autism Overcome Delayed Speech
    U.S. researchers looked at 535 children with autism spectrum disorder who did not attain phrase speech before age 4 and found that 70% acquired phrase speech and 47% acquired fluent speech after age 4. Children with higher scores in nonverbal intelligence tests and lower levels of social impairment were more likely to overcome language delays, and sooner, the study in the journal Pediatrics showed. News (3/4)

    25th Anniversary Milestone Achieved: January 1988 – January 2013
    The Irlen Center Boston is celebrating a milestone: our Silver Anniversary - 25 years. Thanks to Helen Irlen, we have been providing Irlen testing as well as graduate level courses and online recertification courses for Irlen Screeners. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a great joy!

    Ohio School District Plans Assistive-Technology Library
    The Delaware City School District in Ohio will create a program that allows educators to test assistive technology before buying it. The equipment planned for the central lending library could include tablets, colored overlay sheets for reading, and visual signaling devices. (Lewis Center, Ohio) (2/5)

    In Memoriam: Kay Short Irlen Diagnostician, Mount Shasta, California
    Kay Short was a native Californian who started her teaching career in kindergarten and spent most of it in the Montebello Unified School District. After a few years, she was approached by school district personnel to start a pilot program for primary grade children with behavioral problems and learning disabilities. When she returned to a regular classroom setting, she saw the need to become a bilingual teacher and spent two summers with her family in Mexi co learning Spanish. In the late 1980’s, Kay attended a workshop on Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome at a Delta Kappa Gamma convention and soon after became an Irlen Screener. After Kay retired from teaching, she and her husband Duane moved to Northern California near Mount Shasta; and she became an Irlen Diagnostician. At the time of her death, Kay was president of the charter school board for the schools her grandchildren attended, active in the American Association of University Women, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International at the local and state level, and on the association board for Lake Shastina in the community where she lived. Her willingness to help, her friendly smile, and just being Kay is going to be missed by many throughout the entire state of California.

    Changing Background Color On A PC With Windows 7 Or 8
    Step-by-step instructions on how to change the background color on your PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be downloaded free from Adult Dyslexia Support here: Also, check out an in-depth discussion on the topic in a February 1st Facebook posting here:

    Irlen Spectral Filters Makes Sport Scholarship Possible
    We received the following email from the mother of a young man who has been wearing Irlen Spectral Filters for two months because of reading issues. The teenager is in high school and is on the varsity basketball team. He also has major depth perception issues. His Irlen Filters have significantly improved his basketball game. Prior to the lenses, he was averaging 7 points per game. With his Irlen Filters, he is now averaging 27 points per game; and his mother is jumping up and down because he is being offered college scholarships to play basketball. Rick & Cheryle Harbaugh, Irlen Directors/Diagnosticians, New Mexico

    Congratulations To ABC For Reading For Their Continued Support Of The Irlen Method.
    ABC for Reading is a charity located in the United Kingdom designed to support and educate individuals about Irlen Syndrome by providing funds for treatment and research and raising awareness. This past year, the charity has benefited from the active fundraising of Chanti Robey, who successfully raised funds for the organization through a Halloween event and her own personal fundraising page You can support this charity simply by making your online purchases through, where ABC for Reading will receive a percentage of what you spend on websites you normally use, such as Amazon. ABC for Reading is always looking for ideas to expand their fundraising efforts; so if you have ideas or want to help, please contact the charity’s Chairperson at

    IPads Are "Transforming"
    Instruction Educators say students who use iPads are able to look up unfamiliar words as they are reading on the tablets, receive instant feedback from teachers, and have access to an unprecedented amount of information without leaving the classroom. While it's still relatively rare, a growing number of public schools are purchasing enough iPads so that every student can have one. "It's transforming instruction," said Marianne Currie-Hall, principal of Roy B. Kelly Elementary School in Lockport, N.Y. "I've got kindergarteners who email me their work." The Buffalo News (N.Y.) (2/14)

    Study: Girls' Genes Makes Them Less Vulnerable To Autism
    Girls may have a "genetic advantage" that makes it five times less likely they will develop autism than boys, according to a recent study. Researchers at Harvard University Medical School looked at 10,000 sets of fraternal twins from Sweden and the United Kingdom and found that girls who developed the disorder came from families with more genetic risk factors than many boys with autism. Researchers suggest more studies examining autism in girls may lead to a better understanding of the condition. Disability Scoop

    Mississippi Schools Address Dyslexia In Early-Elementary Grades
    Mississippi has a new law in place requiring earlier screening and interventions for students with dyslexia. One school district has hired more staff, including interventionists and dyslexia experts, to help fulfill the requirements. Another has implemented additional reading instruction for struggling readers. Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (Tupelo, Miss.) (2/19)

    Switching To Positive TV Programs May Improve Child Behavior
    Limiting preschool children's exposure to violent TV programs and increasing their time watching educational programs resulted in significant improvements in behavior after six months, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers noted that those who were encouraged to watch positive programs were less aggressive and showed healthier social behavior. USA Today

    Ultrasound Scans Can Detect Autism Risk In Low Birth Weight Babies
    Low birth weight babies whose ultrasound scans taken right after birth showed enlarged ventricles were seven times more likely to be diagnosed with autism later in life, a study showed. The findings, based on data from 1,105 newborns with low birth weight, were published in the Journal of Pediatrics. (2/25)