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    If you've ever wondered what it's like to read for someone with Irlen Syndrome, watch this video to find out.
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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT May 07, 2014

    12th Irlen International Conference
    July 10-12, 2015
    Houston, Texas, USA

    It's time to start planning for the upcoming Irlen International Conference to be held in Houston, Texas, USA, on July 10-12, 2015. The venue will be The Westin Oaks Hotel at the Houston Galleria. This is the same venue where we had the 2008 International Conference which was considered a great site by attendees. It is connected to one of the largest shopping centers in Texas and has a variety of international and local stores as well as an ice skating rink and many restaurants offering multi-national menus.
    There are TWO Westin hotels at the Galleria, so make sure you make your reservations at the Westin Oaks, 5011 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77056; Tel: (1) 713-960-8100; Fax: (1) 713 960-6549. We have a dedicated website for reservations. You can make reservations beginning April 3, 2014, up until July 8, 2015. The hotel has undergone a complete multimillion dollar renovation and is just lovely.
    For reservations: Web site: Rooms are available from July 7, 2015, through July 11, 2015, for a terrific rate of US$159.00 plus taxes for either a single or double room. All rooms are air conditioned, including all meeting rooms, so bring a sweater or wrap as those meeting rooms may seem cool to you. Guest room air conditioning can be individually controlled.
    There are TWO airports in Houston. IAH or Bush Intercontinental Airport is about 20 miles (approx. 33 km) from the hotel and can best be reached by Super Shuttle. Super Shuttle current costs are US$25 each way but may change by the meeting date. We will keep you updated. A taxi will probably cost double. A smaller airport is Hobby (HOU) which mainly handles domestic flights. It is about 15 miles (approx 24 km) to the hotel. Again, Super Shuttle is the best transportation with current cost of US$25.00 each way. Reservations can be made on line at Enter the airport code of IAH for Bush airport or HOU for Hobby airport and the destination is 5011 Westheimer Houston TX 77056 for the Westin Hotel.
    The general conference begins on Friday morning, July 10, and continues through Sunday, July 12, 2015. This conference is open to all Directors, Diagnosticians, Screeners, and PASS Screeners. We also plan to have a day open to the public. The format will be general sessions with break-out smaller sessions on specific topics. Several of the small group sessions will be repeated to make sure everyone can attend those in which they are interested. [Special Note to Directors and Diagnosticians: Remember, July 8-9 are the training days set aside for you.]
    Reservations for the meeting should be made directly through the Irlen Institute Headquarters in Long Beach with payments in U.S. dollars using major credit cards or checks drawn on a U.S. bank.
    Registration Fees are: $225.00 US dollars if paid by March 1, 2015 $275.00 US dollars if paid by May 31, 2015
    $300.00 US dollars if paid after May 31, 2015
    The conference dinner is an additional fee and is open to all Directors, Diagnosticians, Screeners, PASS Screeners, and their families. More information will follow on dinner specifics, but please know we are aware of different dietary needs and will do our best to accommodate everyone. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have specific dietary needs. There will also be the opportunity to purchase Irlen materials including overlays, IRPS Test Records, current IRPS Screening Manuals (11th Edition), and Helen’s books. We are looking forward to seeing you all and welcoming you to Texas. If you have questions, please email them to me at
    Sincerely, Pat Johnson

    New Irlen Diagnostician
    Melbourne, Australia - Roslyn Blakemore is a married mother of four who grew up and lives in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Nursing at LaTrobe University and worked for nearly ten years in Melbourne hospitals; on the ward and in Clinical Education. After a short period in office management and administration, Ros married and then became a full-time mum. The past ten years have been spent raising her four children, three of whom have Irlen Syndrome. Ros was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome herself at age 40 and has since become an Irlen Syndrome Screener. She has attended a number of short courses on dyslexia and is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Education. Ros is working with Regional Director Gloria Thomas.

    Toronto High School Offers Sign-Language Classes For All
    Students at a high school in Toronto who are interested in learning American Sign Language now can earn foreign-language credits for their studies. The Ministry of Education recently gave the course its own code, taking the class -- once offered as a lunch-hour club -- into the mainstream. "I want to be able to walk up to kids and speak with them," principal Ron Felsen said of his reason for learning ASL. "I am now at the point I can do that." The Toronto Star (4/17) Editor’s comment: Some colleges and high schools in the US also allow sign-language classes be substituted for the foreign language requirement.

    Apps For Struggling Readers
    To view a lovely chart that shows many apps for Learners with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Learning Disabilities and from Dyslexia Scotland, click here.

    People with More Education are Better Able to Recover from Brain Injury
    National Public Radio (4/23) A little education goes a long way toward ensuring you'll recover from a serious traumatic brain injury. In fact, people with lots of education are seven times more likely than high school dropouts to have no measurable disability a year later.

    CDC: 7.5% of U.S. Youths are Prescribed Behavioral Meds
    An estimated 7.5% of 6- to 71-year-olds, or about 3.2 million children, were given prescription drugs for treatment of behavioral or emotional problems in 2011, according to a CDC report. Children covered by Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program were more likely to be prescribed such medications than those with private insurance or no insurance. Officials also found that boys had higher prescription rates than girls. NBC News (4/24), The Verge (4/24)

    Texas District Uses Audio System to Help Increase Student Engagement
    All elementary schools in a school district in Texas are equipped with amplification systems that some educators in the district say have contributed to better classroom managements. "The kids on the fringe of the classrooms weren't falling off and trying to find something else to occupy their time," James Pearcy, district technology director, said. "They were finally able to hear and understand better." Valley Morning Star (Harlingen, Texas)

    Irlen Facebook Quotes
    Patricia Brown: "Congrats. I've been wearing my Irlen lenses for quite some time now and without them I would have not been able to get my Master's degree."
    Sandy Riecherds: "Hi, I’m a recent follower on the Irlen Institute...I’m here because at 40 I went back to school as required for my apprentice. I had the worst time there and finally sought help. I was then diagnosed with I got some meds to level me out...although it slows my brain down a bit to think, it doesn't seem to be a miracle I was hoping...more tests later and I have now been diagnosed with Irlen! I’m an avid light hater...and most of my agitation stems from bright lights, on Monday I have a lens fitting session to find the right colors to calm my poor brain down. I’m very hopeful this will alleviate my lifetime of problems...and I also hope I do not have be continued...p.s. you’re never too old to seek help...and improve your quality of life! Leduc, Alberta, Canada"

    Get the Irlen Revolution Book.


    Get The Irlen Revolution

    Review by Shoshana Shamberg on “Another amazing book by Helen Irlen, the genius behind the creation of Irlen Method, one of the most effective interventions for visual sensory processing disorders affecting reading, writing, attention, anxiety, visual processing, and daily functioning. A must-read for all occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychologists, and teachers.”