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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT November 13, 2013

    In Memorium - Georgianna Saba
    To laugh often and much… to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children… to leave the world a better place… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived… this is to have succeeded. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    I believe this quote is the embodiment of Georgianna Saba’s life. Georgianna was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She received her Master’s degree in education from Cambridge College. She was a former member of The Order of The Sisters of Notre Dame. She was also a school teacher in the parochial schools in the Boston area. For many years, Georgianna was principal of The Community School in Roxbury. Georgianna was an adjunct professor at Cambridge College where she was instrumental in the creation of the Applied Neuroscience Graduate Certificate program. Her whole life has been spent helping others, whether it was her family or strangers.

    When Georgianna met Helen Irlen, she started along a path that she followed for more than 25 years. She became an Irlen Screener and then an Irlen Diagnostician; and in 1989, the Irlen Center Boston was started. For the past 25 years, Georgianna has trained educators to be Irlen Screeners and has been helping children, adults, and their families who have Irlen Syndrome. She has been an avid champion for Irlen Syndrome and has been working for the past 18 years for passage of a Massachusetts State bill to have children screened in the schools. We hope that this coming year this dream becomes a reality as a legacy to her life. Georgianna died peacefully at her home on Friday, November 1. Because of Georgianna’s love and passion for helping those with Irlen Syndrome, donations can be made in her name to Learning Research Association for testing of those with financial need.

    Many Youths With Autism Take Psychotropic Drugs
    In an analysis of data collected between 2001 and 2009 on 33,565 children with autism spectrum disorder, researchers found that 64% of them were prescribed one or more psychotropic drugs, while 35% were using at least two. There is limited data on the safety and efficacy of such treatments in young patients, according to the paper published in Pediatrics. “Our results indicate the need to develop standards of care around the prescription of psychotropic medications to children with ASD,” researchers wrote. (10/20), Disability Scoop (10/21)

    New Irlen Diagnosticians
    Bellinzona TI, Switzerland
    Hanspeter Michel is an Optometrist who has specialized in low vision for over 20 years. In the last few years, he has also included visual training and syntonic light therapy into his practice as well as audio-visual stimulation for perception. He has been an Irlen Screener in south Switzerland (Italian part) for the past two years. The success with the Irlen overlays led him to want to offer the best to his patients, and so he became an Irlen Diagnostician. For the past two years, Michel has been working together with Fritz Steiner, Irlen Diagnostician in Dornach, Switzerland. “My interest in the Irlen Method is great, and I think I can help people in south Switzerland and Italy.” Michel will be a positive addition to the group of German-speaking Irlen Diagnosticians with the additional knowledge of the Italian language and the connection to Italy.

    Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland
    Karin Schwarz is an Optometrist who lives in the French speaking part of Switzerland. She was born in this area and completed most of her education in this town. She studied optometry and did further training in low vision rehabilitation. Karin is active as a Low Vision Consultant and lecturer at the Institute of Optometry at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. In August 2012, Karin did the Irlen Screener training and incorporated this into her practice as Optometrist and Low Vision Consultant. Now trained as an Irlen Diagnostician and working with Fritz Steiner, she is now able to cover the complete field of the Irlen Method.

    Getting Kids the Technology They Need
    Shoshana Shamberg and Debbie Phelps
    Shoshana Shamberg, OTR/L, MS, FAOTA , and Irlen Diagnostician/Clinic Director, along with Debbie Phelps, mom of Olympian super star, Michael Phelps, are raising money to put technology in the hands of every Baltimore County student. Debbie Phelps is a former Baltimore County Public School educator and administrator and is now Director of the Baltimore County Public Schools Foundation for Learning. Shoshana will be volunteering to help Debbie and the Foundation. Debbie is mom to three adult children and a grandma. One of her children is Olympian Michael who suffered from learning challenges as a child but excelled in many other way.

    From the Director of the Autism Research Institute
    Finally, we proudly announce the launch of an exciting new survey investigating autism subtypes. We need as much data as possible and encourage you to participate. Participants who complete the entire online survey form during the month of November will automatically be entered in a contest to win an Apple iPad.

    To learn more and assist with this very important investigation to help research that makes a difference, see the article below. Stephen Edelson, Ph.D. Executive Director, Autism Research Institute

    How To Identify And Understand Gifted Students
    Students who are gifted are self-disciplined, independent, easily bored, adaptable and adventurous, writes Dr. Gail Gross, a human behavior and education expert. In this blog, Gross also describes potential differences between the genders. Female students who are gifted, for example, are more likely to enjoy school than their male peers, she writes.
    The Huffington Post/The Blog (10/21)

    Using Student Growth to Determine Teacher Effectiveness
    New Teacher-Evaluation Systems Are Using Student Growth as a Factor to Determine Teacher Effectiveness. How Does Your School Measure Student Growth?

    Is the Irlen Method Costly Or Cost-Effective?
    The following information is provided by Shoshana Shamberg
    Many clients have tried many different therapies before hearing about the Irlen Method. Within a two year period, one client paid the following amount of money and the child was still struggling:

    Since something so simple as the Irlen Method can save precious time and money for those struggling with learning-related problems, it would be a shame not to check it out!!

    Group Issues “Return to Learn” Checklist for Students with Concussion
    Most students who suffer from a concussion make a complete recovery within three weeks, but specialists should be consulted when their recovery appears protracted according to a report released Sunday in the journal Pediatrics. Generally, students with a concussion should be allowed to rest and slowly transition back to school in order to allow the brain to heal. However, management of concussion cases should be individualized because every concussion “is unique and may encompass a different constellation and severity of symptoms,” the American Academy of Pediatrics said.
    The New York Times (tiered subscription model)/Well blog (10/27)

    Consortia to Develop Technology Certification for Common Core
    Assessments connected to Common Core State Standards will include multiple ways for students with disabilities to access test questions. Digital tools, such as on-screen calculators and text-to-speech readers, are part of a larger effort to align the tests with the principles of universal design for learning. Still, some students may need additional technologies. To that end, the two consortia developing common core assessments are creating a technology-certification process to help determine which devices will be permissible.
    Education Week (premium article access compliments of (10/30)

    Get the Irlen Revolution Book.


    Get The Irlen Revolution

    Review by Shoshana Shamberg on “Another amazing book by Helen Irlen, the genius behind the creation of Irlen Method, one of the most effective interventions for visual sensory processing disorders affecting reading, writing, attention, anxiety, visual processing, and daily functioning. A must-read for all occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychologists, and teachers.”