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    The Irlen Method uses precision-tinted coloured overlays and filtered lenses. The Irlen Method employs advanced spectrometer technology meeting strict standards of colour balancing for colour correction to correct light frequencies which are not processed correctly by those who suffer from Irlen Syndrome.

    NEWS ALERT September 12, 2013

    New Irlen Diagnostician
    Tokyo, Japan: Rie Arai has been serving as an Irlen screener and counselor and working under Keiko Kumagai, PhD, Irlen Clinic Director, at the Tokyo campus of the University of Tusukuba. She received her MA in special needs education in 2010 at the University of Tusukuba. Rie has been interested in researching the relationship between Irlen Syndrome and various hypersensitivities. She presented her research about Irlen Syndrome at the Congress of Japan Academy of LD held in 2011 and the Congress of the Japanese Academy of Sensory Integration held in 2012. Dr. Kumagai and Rie hold Irlen meetings with their Irlen clients three times a year to discuss their condition and show their research plans and results. Irlen Syndrome is not yet well known in Japan, so Rie is working to spread information about the effectiveness of Irlen lenses.

    Irlen Goes Greek
    Greek Speech Therapist and Irlen Clinic Director Writes Article

    Evaggelos Bochatziar, Speech Therapist and Irlen Clinic Director in Greece, is proud to announce that he has written an article about Irlen Syndrome - headaches and fluorescents lights which is already online at and on this magazine's Facebook page as well. His article will be published in an panhellenic magazine which is called "εκπαιδεύω" which means educate. The article will appear in September. For those of you who can read Greek or want to practice your linguistic skills, click on the link for the article

    Life Through A Kaleidoscope
    A New Book by Paul Isaacs & James Billett

    Paul Isaacs was diagnosed with Autism in 2010 and later diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome by James Billett in 2012. He has worked for Autism Oxford since 2010 presenting speeches and training sessions all around the UK. He has currently released his autobiography through Chipmunka entitled Living Through The Haze. This book explores the visual differences and difficulties Paul has experienced for over 26 years. For Paul, it was a moving moment of clarity and realization when with the correct lenses, he looked outside and said "Oh, the tree has a middle bit!" James Billett has worked and taught in the field of special education for 30 years and has used the Irlen method with clients across the spectrum of learning differences since 1991.

    Study: Interactions With Individuals with Disabilities Boosts Empathy
    British researchers have found that children who have more contact with individuals with disabilities have more empathy and less anxiety when interacting with such individuals. Even indirect activities, such as observing others interacting with individuals with disabilities, led to positive attitudes. "We have known for some time that integrating children with disabilities into the regular classroom can improve attitudes," study author Megan MacMillan said. "What we have established here is just how much of a difference a greater presence in day-to-day life makes," she added. HealthDay News (8/29)

    Florida School Brings Therapy Dog Into Classroom
    Students with autism spectrum disorders at a Lake Wales, Florida, elementary charter school have a new support in the classroom - a 14-month-old golden retriever. Local donors and a community grant helped bring the therapy dog to the school, where she is being tasked with various duties, such as helping students remain calm and focused. News Chief (Winter Haven, Fla.) (8/29)

    Educational Apps Top Schools' Lists of Educational Resources
    Schools traditionally have given parents recommendations -- like using flashcards -- for reinforcing learning at home. With many schools adopting the use of tablet computers, educators' recommended resources increasingly include mobile applications that students can use to practice math, reading and other skills. One school in Nebraska provides lists of teacher-approved apps in a newsletter to parents, and others share such information via social media and on school and district websites. Omaha World-Herald (Neb.) (9/3)

    Vanderbilt University Studies Math and Reading Interventions
    Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has received a five-year, $10 million research grant from the National Center for Special Education Research to focus on improving instruction for students with learning disabilities by conducting randomized controlled trials on 2,000 to 3,000 elementary-school students who are struggling. The university will create an Accelerated Academic Achievement Research Center, where researchers will examine interventions focused on fluency and comprehension in reading as well as decimals, fractions, and beginning skills in algebra. Education Week/On Special Education blog (9/6)