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Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder, meaning that the brain has difficulty processing visual information. This condition (often hereditary) causes a range of symptoms, including struggles with reading and writing, and it can result in learning difficulties.

When correctly diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome the visual processing disorder can be reduced significantly.

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Who Can Benefit from Irlen

Learning Difficulties, Reading Problems and Dyslexia

The Irlen Method can greatly benefit individuals who experience difficulty reading. Reading issues can include:

  • Words moving on paper
  • Lapses in concentration
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • Headaches and nausea when reading

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/HD)

We’ve found that a number of students (as many as one third) have been misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder. We have seen real improvement with many children who were helped with the Irlen Method.

Students who have struggled with common ADD characteristics including concentration problems, an inability to consistently start or stay on task as well as challenges with reading and writing have transformed their academic abilities by wearing Irlen Spectral Filters.

Physical Disorders, Migraines, Headaches

Some Irlen clients suffered from stomachaches, fatigue, dizziness, migraines and / or headaches before wearing Irlen Spectral Filters or lenses. These symptoms can be triggered by a variety of circumstances and also may include:

  • Discomfort with bright light such as sunlight or fluorescent lights
  • Irritation of glare from light sources
  • Discomfort when driving towards headlights from oncoming vehicles
  • Sensitivity toward most light sources
  • Easily fatigued by prolonged computer use
  • Strain or stress with sustained reading or visually intensive activities
  • Irritation from looking at stripes or patterns

Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Approximately 50% of those with Autism and Asperger Syndrome have seen improvement wearing Irlen Spectral Filters with the following conditions:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Motorskill coordination
  • Spacial awareness
  • Colour, patterns or sunlight distractions
  • Change in behaviour in brightly lit environments
  • Squinting or Inability to focus on visual targets

Irlen Spectral Filters will not "cure" autism. However, 84% of all autistic students are also sensitive to light just as they are sensitive to loud noises, strong odours and being touched. Austistic light sensitivity is similar to the light sensitivity of someone with Irlen Syndrome, with the expected effects on reading, concentration and focus.

A British study demonstrated that the use of Irlen Spectral Filters by autistic students will help improve their ability to regulate their behaviour.

Traumatic Brain Injuries, Head Injuries, Concussions and Whiplash

35% of individuals who suffer from head or brain injuries, concussions and whiplash have experienced improvement when wearing Irlen Spectral Filters. Some of the conditions that were reported better or improved include:

  • Reading
  • Attention and concentration
  • Visual activities
  • Depth perception
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Sensitivity from light sources
  • Physical ailments such as; headaches, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, irritability or stomachaches
  • Neurological problems including; light-induced seizures, tremors or other similar problems

Get Tested

The Irlen Method for testing and assessment is available in Alberta. We can help with treatment for those afflicted with Irlen Syndrome.

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