Irlen Centre Edmonton Screeners

At Irlen Centre Edmonton, we have a team of dedicated professionals who provide services designed to alleviate Irlen Syndrome and promote learning. We have certified Irlen Screeners who are dedicated to helping clients improve the visual processing problems associated with Irlen syndrome, and our tutors work 1-on-1 to help students with reading and writing skills.

Judy Pool, BSc, MEd

Irlen Clinic Director, Reading Specialist

Judy Pool

Judy worked both as a nurse and a teacher prior to completing a master’s degree in educational psychology in 1994. Her major focus was reading and early reading intervention. Judy, in partnership with two colleagues, established Reading and Writing Consultants, Inc. in Edmonton. In February 2003, Judy was trained as a certified Irlen Director at the Irlen Institute in Long Beach, CA. Judy’s practice covers Northern Alberta, where she has trained a network of Irlen Screeners.

Lilyane Bienert, BA, BEd, Educational Therapist

Certified Irlen Diagnostician

Lilyane Bienert

Lilyane works part time as a music teacher for the Edmonton Public School Board, and part time at Irlen Edmonton as a certified Irlen Screener. She is offering her services as a NILD Educational Therapist to families in the Edmonton area. Lilyane has recently become a certified Irlen Diagnostician.

Keith Bienert, BA, Doctor of Theology

Certified Irlen Screener

Keith Bienert

Keith has been an Irlen Screener since 2014. He enjoys helping people overcome their difficulties caused by Irlen Syndrome. Keith is a native Edmontonian but has also lived in B.C. and Manitoba, and he was in Brazil for 10 years. He is an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher and a tennis instructor.

Rita Vandenbrink, BSc OT, BEd (Reading Minor)

Certified Irlen Screener

Rita Vandenbrink

Rita has degrees in occupational therapy and education, with a minor in reading. Being an Irlen Screener has given her a wonderful opportunity to utilize both of her degrees. She has been fascinated and amazed at the results of using coloured overlays to read. She has had a very rewarding journey.

Sandra Woodard, BEd, Special Education (with Distinction)

Certified Irlen Screener

Sandra Woodard

As a person who has Irlen Syndrome, I am excited to be a part of the Irlen Centre Edmonton team! I have taught in various positions at the Alberta School for the Deaf. I became an Irlen Screener in 2013, based out of Leduc, Alberta, and am a member of the Canadian Association of Irlen Professionals (CAIP). It was a huge surprise to finally figure out that many of my struggles and physical symptoms, including almost daily headaches, stemmed from Irlen, a condition that is similar to being “allergic” to certain wavelengths of light. My Irlen glasses and contacts have completely changed my life for the better! It is now my mission to increase awareness about this easily solved visual processing problem.

Faren Hochman, B.A. (Honours), M.Ed., Registered Psychologist (AB)

Certified Irlen Screener

Faren Hochman

Faren has a Master of Education in School and Clinical Child Psychology. She has been working with Irlen Centre Edmonton since 2013. Faren enjoys working collaboratively with each of her clients. Her goals are to facilitate her clients' understanding of Irlen Syndrome, help her clients' overcome their Irlen related difficulties, and foster her clients' advocacy skills.

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