Vermilion (East Edmonton), Alberta Irlen Screening

Lorelee Brock, B.Ed (Reading Minor)

Certified Irlen Screener

Lorelee Brock

As a teacher for over 16 years, I first learned of Irlen Syndrome as a tutor and then as a classroom teacher. As a lifelong learner and student-centered educator, I am passionate about helping students learn, making their experiences meaningful, exciting and easier.

Discovering Irlen Syndrome has been life changing and so making the decision to become a Certified Irlen Screener a perfect choice. I have had the privilege to train with Nola Stigings of Innisfail, AB and to work with Judy Pool of Edmonton, AB.

Irlen Syndrome is a piece of the puzzle in the client’s journey that in some cases has been missing for many years. The piece that once found creates success in many areas of life.

I look forward to meeting you and I am honoured to be on this Irlen journey with you.

Phone: 780-214-9937