Lac Ste Anne County & Sturgeon County Irlen Screening

Janeen Sharrun

Certified Irlen Screener

Dyslexia Reading Specialist

Hi! I'm Janeen, my husband and I have three sons whom we have always home educated. Along our journey, our youngest son began having difficulty reading, especially when the words on the page got smaller and the pages were more full. He refused to read and came up with every excuse to avoid it. He was also very sensitive and agitated with sounds, smells and brightness.

After researching the medical system and finding no answers, we were so thankful to have been given the direction from a distant friend to have him tested for Irlen Syndrome.

I felt devastated to not understand what my son was going through! Our son had severe Irlen Syndrome! How excited we were when he received his Irlen Spectral Filters!!

After about 4 months, there was such a difference in his attitude and, the sensory issues slowly faded away!!

It was a door that opened for me, and I realized how much I wanted to raise awareness in my area! I became Certified as a Screener and have a passion to raise awareness for Irlen Syndrome.

Phone: 780-967-5132