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Jenny Miller, Certified Irlen Screener

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Lisa Goodwin, Certified Irlen Screener

From the time I entered grade 7 until I was 25, I experienced 2-3 headaches a week, lasting 3-5 days each. On a good week, it meant that I was pain free 1 or 2 days. Essentially I had a headache for 15 years. In 2000, as I entered my first year as a middle school teacher, the resource teacher introduced us to the Irlen Method and my life changed! After scoring 12/14 on the self-test (good score, right?) I had myself screened and received my first overlays. Six months later I had my first pair of Irlen Spectral Filters. I will NEVER forget the joy I felt when I sat down and read for MORE than 15 minutes without a headache, sore eyes, or feeling physically agitated. I have never looked back.

In 2012 I had my youngest son screened, suspecting from infancy he too suffered from Irlen Syndrome. We both wear our ‘tints’ all the time, and his diagnosis gave me the final push to finally pursue my Irlen Screener Certification. I get excited every time I able to help someone perceive the world the way it is meant be perceived, and they realise that reading IS NOT a painful and exhausting task.

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Calgary S.E. Irlen Screening

Sharon Sinclair, Certified Irlen Screener

When our oldest daughter was in grade 2, she came home from school every day with a headache. Medically, there seemed to be nothing wrong and the suggestion of stress causing the headaches didn’t make sense to us as she loved her school as well as her teacher. Through her teacher, we were introduced to the Irlen Method. Although I was very sceptical at first, I was very grateful for the suggestion. I followed through with the screening and diagnostic process, purchased her lenses and saw an instant reduction in headaches. Since that time, we have learned that our other daughter and I both have Irlen Syndrome and we both have benefitted from Irlen filters.

Since learning of Irlen Syndrome in 2005 I spent a lot of time researching and after moving to Calgary I saw such a need that I aggressively pursued training to become an Irlen screener. I have been a Certified Irlen Screener since 2008 in Calgary Alberta. I have had the pleasure to participate in changing lives from five to eighty years old.

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Calgary S.E. Irlen Screening

Tammy Johnston, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Certified Irlen Screener

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