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I am a teacher Assistant and have been for 27 years.

I first became interested in Irlen Syndrome years ago when I saw it on a 60 minute program. At that time it was called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. I have worked with Special needs children all my life and this really peaked my interest. I sent for the overlays not really knowing what I was doing. The first boy I tried the filters with looked at the page and said” Well now there are spaces between the words!” I was so shocked because we all think we see the same things. What a surprise!

From that day on I started using the overlays; not really knowing what I was doing; but if there was a way to help the children I was going to do it.

It took a long time to access the training; but here I am a screener and helping people to succeed at school and in life. My youngest client is five and my oldest seventy eight. What a wonderful gift to give someone 78 years old that always thought he was dumb. He is never without his glasses and has two pair so there is no chance he will not have them. We caught his grandson at ten years old and what a difference it has made to his life.

Working in the school system it is so great to see the difference it makes when a client get’s the glasses.

I have just completed a pilot project with my school district to show the Director of Special Ed. what a difference this makes to the children.

What a difference the glasses can make to a child or adult!

This is so rewarding! I am lucky because I work in the school system and get the feedback and get to see the results.

Donna Gamble, Certified Irlen Screener

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Donna M. Watchel , Certified Irlen Screener

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